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What We Do

World Orthopaedic Medical Travel Centre provides free coordination services and friendly support to patients wanting Faster and More Affordable Surgery Overseas.

Why We Do It

We believe Australians deserve better than choosing between overpriced local private surgery and public waiting lists that can stretch out for years.

How We Do It

We can organise as much or as little of your medical travel package as you like. Our free service is here to save you time & money every step of the way.

A Welcome from our Founder

Dr Daniel Donner
PhD MMedRes BBiomedSc

As Australians, we deserve access to all of our options for healthcare

We live in a time when advanced age is both a blessing and a curse. As a medical researcher I spent years developing treatments for age-related illness like many other doctors and scientists continue to today.

As a result of our progress in medicine, our populations are aging faster than our fantastic local surgeons can handle. Thankfully, in this modern world connected by air travel, countless fantastic orthopaedic surgeons are at your fingertips and ready to meet you just a short plane trip away.

At World Orthopaedic, we respect the contributions to this country made by the tens of thousands of men and women who were once promised first-world healthcare and now spend up to 4-6 years waiting on a public list to receive the surgery they need just to walk again.

In practicality, having surgery is no more difficult than organising surgery at home. That's why we exist - to help take the worry and confusion away by providing chaperoned access to fast, affordable and exceptional quality options for your knee, hip or shoulder surgery.

Passion for Health from the Bench to Bedside

Dr Daniel Donner is the founder of World Orthopaedic Medical Travel Centre now servicing orthopaedic patients from all over the world.
"Medical Travel simply provides each patient with more options to choose from . Years spent waiting on a public list or saving upwards of $35,000 for a hip replacement are time, money, experiences and opportunities wasted."
Previously a medical researcher and lecturer of age-related pathology, Dr Daniel Donner is best known as an award-winning academic and celebrated public health advocate. Featured also for his contributions to the Australian healthcare system by The Australian Newspaper, Channel Nine's The Today Show and ABC National Radio, Dr Donner has more recently been recognised as one of Griffith University's Outstanding Alumni of the Year (2016).


Margaret Usenich
Office Manager

World Orthopaedic Head Office

Margaret Usenich is the lead secretary to the medical travel team with years of experience in administration and travel booking coordination.

Dr Daniel Donner
PhD MMedRes BBiomedSc

Executive Medical Director

Dr Daniel Donner is a medical travel expert with over 4 years experience in coordinating globalised orthopaedics for patients from Australia, New Zealand, the USA, the UK, the UAE and Asia.


Professor Pibul

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Bangkok

Dr Kitiphong

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Bangkok

Dr Prachan

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Bangkok

Dr Tosapon

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Bangkok

Dr Nachapol

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Bangkok

Dr Ferkmann

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dusseldorf

Dr Timpte

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dusseldorf

Dr Steens

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dusseldorf

Dr Neuhaus

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dusseldorf


A Medical Travel Centre is a specialised travel agency with expert staff experienced coordinating medical care within a particular field.

World Orthopaedic is your Medical Travel Centre providing flights, accommodation and transfer options suited to patients who wish to travel overseas for orthopaedic surgery.

Experience and Expertise

Your medical travel consultant will have no less than 3 years experience in coordinating medical travel packages specifically for orthopaedic patients around the world.

No Waiting List

Your medical travel consultant will be able to book your surgery and travel within 4 weeks of receiving your assessment outcome and medical travel quote from our partnered orthopaedic surgeons and hospitals.

Save up to 50% on Price

Even with flights, accommodation and all peri-operative care and rehabillitation included, our medical travel packages save patients up to 50% off the price of equivalent surgery back home - and they also include a luxury international holiday for two!

We Organise Everything

Once you have completed our online preferences form, your medical travel consultant is able to personalise, coordinate, book and process payment for all items of your medical travel package. Our goal is to make booking surgery overseas even easier than booking surgery back home.

First, your package will always cost less with World Orthopaedic:

  • Our lower package prices are exclusive to World Orthopaedic patients. These prices are reduced due to our Quotes direct with the hospital can cost up to 20% more to cover the expense of coordinating your healthcare without World Ortho.

Our packages include much more than just your surgery:

  • Unless you're familiar with orthopaedic surgery, your requirements as a patient extend well beyond an orthopaedic surgeon and an implant - however, this is normally the only things included in a private hospital's quote.
  • Unlike dealing directly with a hospital or smaller medical travel agency, all packages coordinated for World Orthopaedic patients include all the items a standard orthopaedic patient will require based on our years of experience specialised in orthopaedic medical travel.
    Some of these medical inclusions are:

    • All pre-operative tests
    • All pre-operative consultations
    • Surgical Theatre, Nursing, Implant(s) & Standard Medications
    • Anaesthetist & Anaesthesia
    • Orthopaedic Surgeon & Surgery
    • Recovery Stay in Ward (including meals)
    • Intensive Care Unit Stay (as recommended)
    • Post-operative Care
    • Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation
    • Follow-up Consultation with Surgeon
    • Surgical Guarantee
  • Apart from medical inclusions, our flights and accommodation deals also include:
    • Flights:
      • Wheelchair Assistance
      • Priority Boarding
      • Orthopaedic Patient-aware Seating
      • Airfare Booking, Changing and Cancellation Support
    • Post-operative Accommodation (Hospital):
      • Wholesale Room Rates
      • Early Check-in/Late Check-out
      • Nursing Visitation as Required
      • Booking, Changing and Cancellation Support
    • Post-operative Accommodation (Luxury Hotels):
      • Wholesale Room Rates (Save over 65%)
      • Complimentary Daily Breakfasts for Two
      • Complimentary Lunch for Two
      • Complimentary Hotel Spa Massages for Two
      • Complimentary Room Upgrades


World Orthopaedic Medical Travel Packages generally save patients up to 50% on the price of equivalent orthopaedic surgery back home (except our packages also include flights, accommodation and a holiday for two).

Once you have completed your assessment with World Orthopaedic, you will receive our orthopaedic surgeons' diagnosis, surgical recommendation and complete medical travel quote.

To lock in your own complete medical travel quote with World Orthopaedic, please complete our 3-step online assessment by clicking HERE.

All orthopaedic surgeries are invasive medical procedures and do carry risk. When complications do occur as a result of surgery, our partnered hospitals, surgeons and care teams do a fantastic job of catering to our patients every need. Where possible, any unforeseeable healthcare costs resulting from complication are negotiated down by your medical travel consultant on your behalf. We do also recommend that you speak to your doctor back home about the risks associated with orthopaedic surgery so that you can make plans accordingly. Your medical travel consultant cannot provide medical advice and so too relies on the advice of your doctor at home to best cater to and support your needs.

When accommodation or flight booking problems occur, your medical travel consultant will assist you in any way possible. Generally, your medical travel consultant will find the most effective, fastest and most affordable solution to any problem presented by hotels, airlines or transfer services.

Note: Our partnered hospitals, surgeons, hotels and airlines are some of the most reputable in the world. As a World Orthopaedic patient, our medical travel consultants will continue to provide ongoing support before, during and after your time overseas. Any requirements for assistance are generally addressed by the hospitals, surgeons, hotels or airlines. When additional assistance is required, your medical travel consultant will do everything they can to support you in having all of your needs met.

Yes, you sure can! In fact, we recommend that all patients consider travelling with a support partner with them, be it a spouse, sibling, son, daughter or friend.

As an added bonus for our patients and their support partners, we can also organise high-quality/low-price dental, cosmetic or general medical procedures for anyone visiting our partnered hospitals.

When previous patients share their experiences with us in the form of testimonials, we love to share these stories on the World Orthopaedic website. From time to time, we also have patient stories featured in the Australian Newspaper (World Orthopaedic is part of the SkyGen Medical Travel Group).

Due to patient confidentiality applying to all patients in Australia, we cannot share the details of previous patients without their express permission. To see if any previous patients are currently available to speak with future patients, please check with your medical travel consultant.

Our primary role is to help you anticipate any and all expenses before you commit to any medical travel package with World Orthopaedic. We do this both through our experience with orthopaedic medical travel, as well as by screening patients for underlying health conditions before travelling. As a result, patients are categorised as either Standard Patients (Class A patients), Atypical Patients (Class B patients) or Complicated Patients (Class C patients). Unless your preoperative tests at our partnered hospitals newly identifies an underlying health condition, patients generally stay the same class assigned at assessment.

Standard Class A Patients (i.e. patients without underlying health conditions) are VERY UNLIKELY to pay any more than the amount invoiced before travel.

Atypical Class B Patients (i.e. patients with underlying but manageable health conditions) are also VERY UNLIKELY to pay any more than the amount invoiced before travel, unless this underlying condition leads to complications which require additional attention, management or intervention by the hospital.

Complicated Class C Patients (i.e. high risk patients with complex underlying conditions) are LIKELY to pay additional amounts above and beyond the amount invoiced before travel, but only if the underlying conditions lead to complications which require additional attention, management or intervention by the hospital.

In any case, if complications arise as a result of surgery you will remain in the experienced multi-disciplinary care of the hospital. Generally, complications which do result from surgery are likely to have arisen no matter where the surgery was performed. Additionally, any additional expenses incurred by patients at our partnered hospitals are comparatively lower than those for equivalent care back home.

World Orthopaedic partners exclusively with Large, Multidisciplinary, JCI-accredited Private International Hospitals staffed by world-renowned specialists and healthcare support teams. These hospitals are incredibly impressive, efficient and clean facilities with comparatively lower complication and infection rates than international standards.

We're confident that World Orthopaedic's partnered hospitals, hotels and airlines always have and will continue to provide a consistently high level of service quality to our patients now and into the future.

Our medical travel consultants are ready and waiting to assist you in any way possible!

Start your journey towards new options by contacting World Orthopaedic today on 1300759436 or completing our online assessment form by clicking below