Find the Best Orthopaedic Surgeons in Thailand

How would you choose the best surgeon overseas?

Before we get into that, how would you pick the best orthopaedic surgeon back home?

Do you jump online and ask Google for their recommendation or ask a friend who’s had surgery performed?

Perhaps your General Practitioner might refer you to a colleague or best buddy from back in med school.

But how can you tell the difference between a best buddy and the best surgeon?

In Australia, it’s not easy to pick the best surgeon

There are a number of regulatory bodies which, quite rightly, forbid doctors from promoting themselves as better than others in Australia.

Unlike other industries, Dr Pepsi is never going to run a TV commercial claiming to be better than Dr Pepper.

And there is no public index of surgeons and their expertise that provides the details you might be after.

Thankfully, orthopaedic surgeons in Australia, just like orthopaedic surgeons in other countries like Thailand, must be registered on a National Board of Orthopaedics.

These registrations and the regulatory frameworks that come with them protect patients from being able to make a bad choice.

These boards encourage orthopaedic surgeons to remain active in surgery, engaged in medical research and to continue their training and development.

As a result, you’re practically guaranteed of the quality of your surgeon as long as they’re registered on the appropriate national board.

So how do you tell the good surgeon from the best surgeon in Australia?

Surprisingly, one of the most important factors that influences a patient’s experience with a surgeon is her/his demeanour.

It’s not uncommon for time-pressed surgeons to speak quickly with patients.

Sometimes consultations feel like impersonal presentations of data. Other times, patients can leave the surgeon’s office without a single important question answered.

This is why some of the best recommendations for the best surgeons come from friends who have had surgery previously.

But, what if I don’t have a friend in Thailand who’s had surgery before?

World Orthopaedic’s Preferred Surgeons

Just like your surgery-savvy friend would back home, World Orthopaedic chooses their preferred surgeons based on the following 4 criteria:

  1. International Training and Postgraduate Fellowships
  2. Professional History, Patient Statistics and Experience
  3. Expertise and Seniority in the Medical Fraternity i.e. no junior surgical graduates
  4. Feedback from Previous Patients about Bed-side Manner, Professionalism, Attitude and Care.

We evaluate every surgeon we partner with to make sure that every orthopaedic patient is in the best possible hands.

Although, the hospital picks the best surgeon for each case based on their sub-speciality, they only choose from our pool of preferred surgeons for Australian patients.

Our preferred Orthopaedic Surgeons in Thailand are the best

Each specialist orthopaedic surgeon assessment is provided by the same orthopaedic surgeon who will perform your hip, knee or shoulder surgery.

This specialist assessment includes your surgeon’s diagnosis, recommendation and medical treatment plan + quote for your consideration.

Additionally, World Orthopaedic provides every patient with a copy of their surgeon’s professional history and information.

At the end of the day, World Orthopaedic patients return to Australia after their surgical experience overseas. And we love to hear from previous patients about their experience. There is no greater compliment than the eight words we strive for, “It was the best decision I ever made”.

It is our mission at World Orthopaedic to ensure that each patient’s experience abroad is worthy of sharing with friends and family back home.

The benefits offered by the fantastic orthopaedic surgeons overseas are only limited by the number of patients who hear about and follow in your footsteps.

Help us reach more Australian patients stuck between private surgery they can’t afford and public waiting lists they needn’t wait on!

Contact World Orthopaedic today and speak with one of our consultants on 1300 759 436