Medical Travel Checklist

Meeting Your Medical Travel Consultant

Your dedicated Medical Travel Consultant is ready to speak with you 7 days a week. You can get in touch with us initially by calling 1300 759 436, requesting a call-back or completing your online assessment. Once we have your contact details, one of our friendly Medical Travel Consultants will contact you within 24 hours.

Assessment & Picking Preferences

Complete Online Medical Assessment

Either before or after meeting your Medical Travel Consultant, you can complete our online assessment to provide us with all the information we need to provide you with a free quote and medical travel plan. There are 3 steps to completing your online assessment:

Picking Your Preferences

Once you have received your Medical Travel Package Plan & Quote, you can tell us all of your preferences by completing the online Medical Travel Preference Form Here.

Even before you have your quote, you can read through this list to learn just how customisable your Medical Travel Package can be!

Once you’ve received your Medical Assessment and Preference Form, your Medical Travel Consultant will work with you to personalise your Medical Travel Package to suit your needs.

Submitting your Medical Imagery and Reports

The final piece of the puzzle is your medical imagery and radiologists’ reports.

Please make sure that before you Post, Email or Upload your Xrays, CT or MRIs:
1. The scans are no more than 6 months old (3 months preferred)
2. You include the accompanying radiologist report(s), and
3. If sending by post, make sure you register the parcel to track it’s progress

Your Medical Travel Plan

Once you’ve completed your assessment, your medical travel consultant will contact you with your results within 24 hours. To proceed with booking your surgical package, a $150 hospital engagement fee is required for the orthopaedic surgeon to construct a medical travel plan with your consultant.

Before departure, you’ll be required to have a standard preoperative health checkup performed by your local doctor. Your medical travel consultant will provide you with a letter to take to your doctor explaining the tests required.

The items we’ll need from you before departure (you can submit at any stage):
– Your preoperative health checkup results
– Passport copies for all travellers
– A copy of our signed Terms & Conditions
– Payment of your Medical Travel Package Invoice

Once you’ve been cleared for surgery and we’ve received all the items we need before departure, you’ll be sent your personalised Medical Travel Folio. Your Medical Travel Folio contains all the details of your Medical Travel Package, including your:
– Complete Medical Travel Itinerary
– Airfare Confirmations & E-tickets
– Accommodation Booking Confirmations
– Orthopaedic Surgeon’s Diagnosis, Recommendation & Surgical Plan
– Hospital’s Booking Confirmations
– Tips for Tourists
– Important Phone Numbers & Contact Details
– Copies of your Medical Imagery, Reports & Passports

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