Nanette’s Testimonial After Knee Surgery in Thailand

Nanette is originally from Brisbane, Australia. At the age of 65 yrs she now resides offshore like many retired Australians, living the life she worked so hard for surrounded by the crystal clear waters of Vanuatu.

Suffering with severe knee osteoarthritis, Nanette found herself living exactly where she wanted to be, but unable to partake in the lifestyle she had envisioned of her retirement. Watching the years float past her while she took pain medication did not suit her retirement plan.

Like many other expats, she was no longer covered by Australian public healthcare and the thought of moving back home just to be placed on a public waiting list didn’t suit her retirement plan either.

Knowing all too well of the fantastic healthcare available overseas, Nanette contacted World Orthopaedic (formerly SkyGen) to help take the guess-work out of her many options. Within a few days she had been assessed by Dr Prachan at Bangpakok International Hospital and was ready to book in her surgery dates.

Following her total knee replacement, and smooth return back to Vanuatu, Nanette contacted us to thank the surgeon again and provide us with the following images and testimonial of her experience abroad.


“I’m fabulous. Really busy and forget that I have a new knee. I’m doing all my exercises daily and have good range of motion now. I’m only taking two panadol at night, and I’m not needing any other medications. I can’t believe now quickly I have healed and am nearly back to normal. I have a new lease on life and can do everything that I was unable to do before my surgery and I’m pain free. Yay!! 🙂 “

“I’m thrilled with my knee and have spoken to quite a few people here about your services and the various surgeries available. Probably because of the health insurance not available to many here, my story has become quite popular. I hope in the near future you get some referrals from us. I can say that in all honesty that we would never have had such a great outcome if it hadn’t been for you guys. The service you offer is exemplary…and your follow ups, plus your ongoing contact while we were in Thailand helped us feel so comfortable about our choice to go there.”

“It made our trip so easy and if either one of us even needs anymore surgery in the future, we will contact you first.
Thank you so much,
Nanette “

As a token of her appreciation for the kind care of the surgeons and healthcare teams at Bangpakok Hospital, Nanette has offered to speak with any future Australian or New Zealand patients considering orthopaedic surgery through World Orthopaedic.