Fast Recovery After Knee Replacement Surgery in Bangkok

Less than 4 weeks after his knee replacement surgery in Bangkok, Peter [surname omitted] spoke with World Orthopaedic to update us on his recovery. The feedback from Peter and his doctors was quite a surprise.

Peter had his knee replaced in Bangkok after confronting all possible roadblocks for surgery back in Queensland, Australia. Within a month of contacting World Orthopaedic, Peter was off in Bangkok having surgery with one of our preferred senior orthopaedic surgeons, Professor Pibul. After his surgery, Peter was confidently walking around the hospital and meeting with patients who had travelled there for other procedures, sharing his story and amazing them with his swift recovery.

Upon returning home, Peter’s local doctor was also amazed by Peter’s recovery. Not a month yet down the track and Peter’s knee has reached almost a full range of motion (ROM) and the typical post-operative discomfort is all but dissipated.

Peter has been sharing his story with other friends and family, including some of the patients he spoke to in Thailand to help them find their feet.

Today he shared with us an email he sent to one such person which he’d like us to address to all future patients who are considering knee replacement surgery in Thailand with World Orthopaedic:

“Hello [Future Patients],

Yes, it is true that I have experienced a most satisfactory result. I had a total knee replacement surgery and had it performed at a hospital in Bangkok. I was uninsured and after a lot of disappointment in trying to find a competent surgeon here in QLD I started casting about on the internet and researching the subject thoroughly right down to the type of replacement knee joint used and the surgical methodology employed as far as the operation was concerned.

I was quoted $25K and upward for the procedure to be done here in Australia. The same procedure in Thailand was quoted at approx $14.5K and that included the airfares and accommodation costs for 10 days whilst there. I would recommend a helper to accompany you even if only to arrive a day or two before your return. It can get a bit boring for the helper during the entire time and Bangkok is not exactly my choice as a tourist! A helper/support person is particularly important when negotiating airports in wheelchairs etc although I found Thai Airways staff very helpful in that process. The only disappointment was the lack of wheelchair support as soon as we landed in Australia. Typical!!

The doctor there I can hardly sing his praises highly enough!! An older gentleman and a professor. Prof (Dr) Pibul Itiravivong.

High on the medical board of Thailand. A genius in my opinion.  I had the entire procedure organized by a company on the Gold Coast called World Orthopaedic (formerly SkyGen). 

Dr Dan Donner is the man to ask for at Skygen and you will find him extremely helpful and will supply answers to all your questions.

Mention my name and that may grease the wheels a bit for you.

Now the supplement products are produced and marketed by the manufacturer in the states called Youngevity. The principal is Dr Joel Wallach and I recommend you research his activities in this field on Google. Chris and I have been on the products for over 2 years now and swear by them. We are both getting on in age now and health is a big factor in our daily lives. I attribute my stellar recovery from the major knee surgery at least in part to my general wellbeing due to these products. If you like what you see may I suggest you have a chat with Chris. She is the expert with the products and can assist you in the procurement of the product if you decide to give it a go. You can reach me on XXXX-XXXX (phone number available from World Orthopaedic upon request).

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards

Peter [surname omitted]”



Every patient is unique and results may vary between surgery centre/hospital, surgeon, surgery type and patient. Patients may be recommended a different treatment/surgery by their surgeon to that described above depending on their specialist assessment. All surgeries carry elements of risk. Before committing to any surgery either locally or abroad, make sure that you understand these risks thoroughly by discussing your circumstances and recommended surgery independently with a trusted medical professional.  

  • CLIENT Peter, 65 years (Australia)
  • YEAR 2016
  • PARTNERS Bangpakok International Hospital (Professor Pibul Itirivavong), BP9 Residences & Thai Airways

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