Australian Knee Surgery Patient’s Glowing Review Leads to Another

Christine, age 59 yrs, had already waited 2-years on the public waiting list in Queensland for knee replacement surgery…

Facing an even longer wait in already persistent and debilitating pain, Christine found herself discussing her predicament with friends. She spoke with Nanette, a previous patient of World Orthopaedic (formerly SkyGen). Nanette had a fantastic experience in Thailand for her orthopaedic procedure and recommended that Christine get in touch with us.

Christine’s husband Christopher had also been waiting for an orthopaedic procedure in Australia and organised to have his operation performed in Thailand alongside Christine.

Upon their return, Christine and Christopher completed their post-surgical review and provided us with the following testimonial of their experience.

Patient Testimonial:

“I’m writing on behalf of both Chris and myself.”

“My husband, Chris, and I, heard about [your services] following a recommendation from a friend and neighbour, Nanette, who had had a total knee replacement surgery. She could not recommend your services highly enough, so that was enough for us.”

“Previously, I had already been on an Australian wait-list for approx. 2 years, and Chris had an appointment to see a specialist who would probably have put him on a wait list for his surgery. Whilst Chris’s condition was not affecting his life-style all that much, mine was. The sooner I could get my surgery done the better, so it seemed logical that we both went together.”

In most cases, World Orthopaedic and our hospitals will recommend that patients travel with an able-bodied companion. However, each of our partnered hospitals provides our patients with a “International Patient Coordinator” who effectively acts as a chaperone, assistant and friend throughout your trip. In most cases, having a travel companion alongside you may not be necessary, but it can be nice to spend your recovery with a family member or friend rather than alone. To encourage this, you can bring a travel companion with you on your trip for just the additional cost of their airfare – all accommodation, transfers and assistance is included for up to two people (provided you’re happy to stay in the same room). Separate rooms are of course available in the hospital residences – for as low as $40 per night.

From our first step onto the plane at Brisbane, until we stepped off again back in Brisbane nearly 3 weeks later, [World Orthopaedic] had taken care of everything for us, including various changes to plans along the way. The only small problem was caused by our internet provider leaving me without my normal email access, and us failing to get a local Thai sim card on arrival, leaving us without any communications except a previously unused gmail account.”

At World Orthopaedic, we recommend all patients obtain a travel sim card from their local phone provider or organise a Thai sim-card upon arrival at the Bangkok Airport (approximately $50 for 1 month of calls and data for emails etc.)

“Thankfully, via Nanette, we were all back in touch after a few days.
The hospital, on arrival, looked more like a luxury resort, and the hospital staff treated us like VIP guests at a luxury resort. The accommodation, both in the wards and in the hospital “residences”, was excellent, with more luxury touches than I had ever seen in any Australian hospital accommodation. The hospital facilities that we saw were all first class too, with almost every conceivable piece of medical equipment for all manner of surgeries, tests etc. The English-speaking International Co-ordinators assigned to assist us put us right at ease from the very first, and I found I felt no anxiety about my up-coming surgery at all.”

“After our planned surgeries, we both requested to see other specialists re other problems, and this was arranged without any fuss. In all, we had our two surgeons plus 4 other specialists that we saw, and each one was entirely professional, polite, and communicated in easy-to-understand terminology. I often find Australian doctors use too much medical jargon that I can’t understand.”

World Orthopaedic’s large international hospital partners also include highly specialised departments for dental, cosmetics, dermatology, cardiology, urology, general surgery, emergency and much more. Any interest in meeting with a specialist from any of these departments can be organised by your World Orthopaedic consultant around your orthopaedic surgery.

Although there were some unforeseen problems for my husband that were no fault of anyone (bad reaction to anaesthetic), we would rate the overall experience as one we would recommend to anyone. I have heard bad reports of people going to Thailand for surgeries without the professional services of [World Orthopaedic], but I would not hesitate to book any future surgery through them, knowing that every aspect of the trip would be taken care of in a highly efficient and professional manner.”

Thankfully, Christine also provided comments and advice for patients travelling for surgery at our partnered hospitals about areas she found could have been improved.

“On a couple of very minor issues, for patients staying in the residences, we found the only things lacking in the room were a couple of bowls and a knife!! Plastic forks and spoons seemed to multiply like rabbits, but it would have been handy to have a knife to spread butter or to cut some of that awful plastic packaging that seems to be unbreakable. Plates also seemed to be in plentiful supply after a couple of snacks from the 10th floor lounge, but a lot of the meals from the canteen were served in plastic bags, and there was no bowl to tip them into. We also wish we had thought to take some small gifts for the girls looking after us. They were all so very considerate towards us at all times. We ended up giving them our left-over baht, but it’s not the same as a small personal gift.”

Of course, the hospital was quickly advised of Christine’s welcomed comments (as they are of all the comments from our patients). Since the comfort and experience of patients is the priority of the wonderful support staff at our hospitals, these “minor” issues were promptly received and resolved for the benefit of all future patients. We encourage all feedback from our patients and after many years of providing these services, it is our pleasure to learn of better ways to accommodate your needs – medical or otherwise. Please note that many requests like these can also be resolved promptly and directly with the hospital hotel by contacting the concierge or attending nurses during your stay.

“If any future patient/s would like to contact me directly via email, I would also be very happy to talk to them and put them at ease about the whole experience. Nanette did this for me and I’m happy to pass it on. 
Thanks again and best regards
Chris & Christine (Surname Withheld)”