Why Have Surgery Overseas with World Orthopaedic?

Originally founded in Australia, World Orthopaedic is a Medical Travel Agency servicing orthopaedic patients from around the world. These orthopaedic patients rely on the experience of World Orthopaedic’s medical travel consultants to organise complete medical travel packages which include flights, accommodation and all foreseeable medical costs.

World Orthopaedic Packages Include Flights

Return flights from Australia to Bangkok are included in all World Orthopaedic packages. All prices are quoted for full-service flights with Thai Airways and include meals, a checked luggage allowance and, of course, Thai Airways’ famous purple blankets.

You are welcome to organise your own flights if you would prefer to use frequent flyer points, alternate airlines or special offers through rewards programs.

Prefer to fly business class? Ask your World Orthopaedic Medical Travel consultant about upgrading your package today.

World Orthopaedic Packages Include Accommodation

Private accommodation at our hospital’s inbuilt hotels are included in each World Orthopaedic package. If you would prefer to organise your own accommodation, your World Orthopaedic Medical Travel consultant will gladly advise you of the appropriate dates. World Orthopaedic also offers accommodation options at luxury five-star hotels within the hospital’s proximity for those who prefer a change from the hospital environment during their recovery.

World Orthopaedic Packages Include All Foreseeable Medical Costs

Unlike private surgery back home, World Orthopaedic’s surgery packages include all of your preoperative health checkups, specialist consultations, surgical implants, nursing anaesthesiology, theatre fees, surgeon fees, postoperative care and physiotherapy.

Before travelling, your World Orthopaedic Medical Travel consultant will assist you with pre-clearance health checkups to make sure that you are evaluated for any underlying health conditions.

Your Experienced Medical Travel Consultant

World Orthopaedic’s Medical Travel consultants are experts in medical travel and the needs of orthopaedic patients. Their experience in facillitating orthopaedic surgery at hospitals all around the world are what sets them apart from typical travel agents. As a bonus for Australian, American and British patients, their service is free of charge and at your disposal before, during and after your trip.


Important: World Orthopaedic is a medical tourism facilitator and relies on medical, surgical and other recommendations supplied by our accredited hospitals and clinics in Thailand and Germany. World Orthopaedic provides this information to its clients and prospective clients on behalf of these hospitals and clinics in good faith, and this must not be construed as World Orthopaedic offering or providing medical advice. The contents of this page and any attachments are not the expressed opinions of World Orthopaedic or its staff but rather a reproduction of dialog between previous patients and surgeons which may not apply to your particular condition or situation. For our full terms and conditions of website use, please click here.